From $100,000 in debt to $100,000 profit months

It's not as hard as you think to build a multi-million dollar marketing business, as long as you have the right advice

Marketing Boss Academy (formally know as The Digital Marketing Certificate) created by Maddy Birdcage, Founder of Birdcage Marketing and Birdcage Marketing School, knows first hand the cost of bad advice.

After listening to the wrong people, she almost lost her million-dollar-a-year marketing agency in only a few short months.

After rising from the ashes, $100,000 in debt and riddled with anxiety and self-doubt, Maddy got to work to rebuild her marketing business her way.

In less than a year, Maddy was celebrating $100,000 profit months and feeling mentally, financially and physically better than ever.

Through Marketing Boss Academy, Maddy teaches new and experienced marketers how to build a business that you can run from anywhere and even fits around family.

Highly educated and highly experienced, Maddy doesn't hold back and shares the good, the bad and the ugly of growing her multi-million-dollar marketing agency, so you can do the same

Just Imagine...

  • Knowing your exact next steps; whether you're just starting or a seasoned professional

  • Knowing exactly how to get (and keep) clients that love you

  • Not feeling nervous every time you check your inbox and dealing with ZERO client issues

  • Working less and earning more! (A lot more...)

  • Being able to grow your online business your way. Whether that's growing a team, working from anywhere, working around family or leasing a commercial office!

  • Feeling happy, being excited about your business's future and living your dream life (just like Maddy)

What you'll learn

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    1. Welcome!

    2. Get The Most From MBA

    3. Maddy's Story

    4. Maddy's Approach to Marketing

    5. How You'll Learn

    6. MarketPsych Imaginings™

    1. Your Dream Business

    2. Optimising Agency Operations

    3. Making & Managing More Money

    4. The High Converting Discovery Call Process

    5. Setting Client Boundaries

    6. Setting Team Boundaries

    7. Protecting Yourself as a Business

    8. Managing Clients

    1. The Birdcage Growth Approach + Selling Packages

    1. Why You Need Strategy As A Marketer

    2. Understanding How Marketing Works From A Psychological Perspective

    3. Brand Strategy Client Questions

    4. Tool: Brand Bible Client Questions

    5. Tool: Brand Bible Reference

    6. Tutorial: Marketing Funnels - Legacy DMC Training

    7. MarketPsych™ Imagining: Demographics

    8. MarketPsych™ Imagining: Pain Points

    9. MarketPsych™ Imagining: Psychographics

    10. MarketPsych™ Imagining: Transformation

    1. Offering Organic Social Media Marketing Services

    2. Offering Paid Ads Services

    3. Offering Email Marketing Services

    4. Offering Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

    5. Tutorial: Content Marketing Strategy - Legacy DMC Training

    1. Our Favourite ChatGPT Prompts for Marketers

    2. Paid Ads Onboarding Checklists

    3. Growth Marketing Strategy Questions

    4. Paid Ads Client Expectations Script

    5. The Perfect Discovery Call Script

    6. High Converting Proposal Templates

    7. Sample Terms of Service

    8. My Tech Stack

    9. Contracts (staff, contractors, clients)

    10. Proposal Templates

    11. Discovery Call Script

    12. Discovery Call Example: Not A Fit

    13. Discovery Call Example

Inside Marketing Boss Academy

  • 43 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content
  • The Only Business Course for Freelance & Agency Marketers
  • Most up-to-date training available
  • Digital marketing & business skills

Create better results, happier clients and a more profitable marketing business.

Built on the sold out Digital Marketing Certificate framework, Marketing Boss Academy takes your marketing business to the next level

The Glow Up Was Real

Transform your business and your life, just like Maddy did...

Maddy launched her agency in 2015, the same week she found out she was pregnant with her first child...

The following years saw her painfully juggling motherhood, misaligned clients, growing too quickly, anxiety, and eventually burnout.

Then, just when billings were at an all-time-high and the agency was set to have a $3 million year, she tore it all to the ground.

Whilst Maddy had all the outward signs of success (a huge office and studio space, a team of 14, millions of dollars worth of clients), she was miserable.

Determined to find a better way, Maddy reimagined how freelancers and agencies should operate to produce better client results and generate more profit (all while working less hours).

Maddy's approach to business is anything but traditional, but in an industry like digital marketing; that's exactly what you need to stay ahead-of-the-curve.

By staying true to her vision, her passions and her way of doing things, Maddy has transformed her business and her life; and shares the exact steps in Agency Marketer Mastery.

Now it's your turn...

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2. Marketing Boss Academy:
Ever dreamed of running your own marketing business? This course shows you how, step by step. You'll learn how to build a successful business from the ground up.

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What Past Students Thought

“Being able to put a container around things and having a formula, particularly around funnels, has been really useful. DMC has given me a lot of confidence that I'm doing the right thing and this is how I need to shape it to be better and more profitable. ”

Sarah Marshall

“It's been really helpful to go into the why behind things. Every second person online claims they're a social media expert but to have that deeper knowledge makes a difference. Even how you show how you've built your successful business, what's worked and what hasn't has been amazing. ”

Sam Brown

“Even though I have over 20 years experience in marketing and comms DMC was what I needed to set boundaries with clients and to back myself. With DMC I restructured my packages for more profit, fired the red flag clients that made me not enjoy my job and now I'm expanding how I'm working with clients.”

Kylie Taka

“As a new freelancer leaving corporate I had years of experience working in marketing but no real idea on how to package it up and make it into a profitable business. I'd heard of freelancers working for $20 an hour by the time they factored everything in and I wanted to make sure I set the right reputation from the start. What Maddy teaches is based on her own experience running her own agency and she shares secrets no one else is talking about openly.”

Christie Kjazeria

What Makes Marketing Boss Academy So Special?

If you're a freelance marketer or small agency owner, Marketing Boss Academy (previously DMC) was purpose-built for you based on real-world experience.

  • Created by current agency owner with over 15-years marketing experience who manages live client campaigns (and knows what works now)

  • The only course of its kind. Focused on marketing psychology-based strategies, creating client satisfaction and increasing profit in your marketing business

  • Lifetime access to all trainings, tools and templates - even new updates quarterly

About your trainer

Maddy Avery

A lifelong marketer dedicated to improving the marketing industry for both marketers and brands. Maddy built her multi-million dollar marketing agency over the past 7 years. With 15+ years industry experience, Maddy completed her Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Master of Arts (Advertising). Maddy has been trusted to launch or grow over 1,200 brands, train communications teams in government organisations and is a guest lecturer for James Cook University.

Exclusive Bonuses

All MBA students gain access to exclusive bonuses to maximise productivity and give you the best support available as a professional marketer

  • Agency tools and templates

    Worth $10,000+

    Maddy shares all Birdcage Marketing agency templates, procedures, scripts, strategies and tools to save you time (and stress). These are resources developed over the past 8 years of Birdcage designed to blow your clients away and save you hours of time.

  • Email Support with Maddy

    Worth $25,000+

    Have a question only someone who's been-there-done-that can answer? Maddy is available to all MBA students via email (and she's also been known to jump on a private call if you need that extra level of support).

  • Priority Access to Birdcage Certified™

    Worth $50,000+

    Launching in 2024, Birdcage Certified™ is your fast-track to more clients and more profit. As we expand our global footprint, we are looking for freelancers and agencies to support Birdcage Marketing clients grow; and we'll call on our Birdcage Certified™ community to do this. As an MBA graduate, you'll be first in-line when we start sending clients your way.


Your Dream Business Is Calling...

Course may be fully tax deductible and includes GST within Australia


  • Who is MBA best suited for?

    MBA was created for freelance marketers and small agency owners or those just starting their marketing business. In-house brand marketers will also see benefit to completing this course although there is a focus on marketing as business service. Whether you're new to the industry or have decades of experience, you'll learn how to be a better marketer and business owner with MBA.

  • How is this course delivered?

    On-demand video training modules with templates and tools provided. Email support is also provided.

  • Do you give refunds?

    Because you'll have access to very specialised intellectual property from week one we are unable to provide you with a refund once the course commences. If you have any concerns regarding your investment, please contact us and we will work to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

  • I'm still studying is MBA relevant for me?

    If you don't yet have industry experience but plan to make a career in marketing, MBA is the course I wish I had before I started my career. It would have saved me a lot of blood, sweat and tears. With the teachings from MBA you'll enter the marketing industry ahead of your peers, with real-world strategy and advice.

  • Will I be able to work with marketing clients after completing MBA?

    Yes. If you're not already working with clients you'll now have the confidence and knowledge to take on marketing clients as a freelancer.

  • What is Birdcage Marketing School's The Full Library™?

    The Full Library™ is your all-access-pass to all the training content available on Birdcage Marketing School including how to write our winning strategies, and how to bring them to life. We support you with tens of thousands of dollars of on-demand video content, agency tools and templates. PLUS monthly live sessions with Maddy and her senior strategists and access to the online community: Chess Club - you're 24/7 support for business and marketing growth. Ideally, you'll complete The Full Library™ to learn how Maddy DOES marketing, and Marketing Boss Academy to learn how to RUN a successful marketing business.