Ever felt like there's a big secret in the world of marketing that no one told you about?

There is; only most "online experts" have no idea.

Welcome to The Method

Your personal playbook for crafting meaningful connections online

Invest in yourself with a 12-month journey priced at $1690, and watch as the doors to deeper audience engagement and thriving sales swing wide open.

  • LEARN In-depth Audience Profiling: Understand who you're talking to.

  • CREATE a Brand Strategy Toolkit: Create offers, features, benefits, values, vision, mission statements, aesthetics, and a brand voice that truly resonate.

  • DEVELOP a Content Persona: Craft an authentic online presence.

  • CREATE a Marketing Funnel: Turn your strategy into compelling storytelling.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Method

    2. Terms & Phrases

    3. The Strategy

    4. What We'll Cover in The Method

    1. Strategy Template

    2. Introduction & Examples

    3. Who Are Your Audiences?

    4. Demographics

    5. Psychographics

    6. Schemas

    7. Audience Schema Quiz

    8. Pain Points

    9. Transformation

    10. Segmenting

    11. Chat GPT Prompts for Clarifying Audiences

    12. Audience Question List

    13. Example Strategy: Service Based

    14. Example Strategy: Coaching Strategy

    15. Example Strategy: Product Based

    1. Introduction

    2. Your Approach

    3. Offering

    4. Features & Benefits

    5. Personality

    6. Values

    7. Mission & Vision Statement

    8. Brand Essence

    9. Brand Story

    10. Brand Archetype

    11. Brand Aesthetic

    12. Chat GPT Prompts

    13. Brand Archetype Quiz

    14. Graphic Design Styles

    15. Brand Aesthetic Styles

    1. Discover Your Content Persona

    1. The Customer Journey Funnel (Intro)

    2. Top of Funnel Breakdown

    3. Middle of Funnel Breakdown

    4. Bottom of Funnel Breakdown

About this course

  • $2,660.00
  • 39 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Why Choose The Method?

Because it's the game-changer every marketer, business owner, leader and personal brand dreams of.

We've distilled 15 years of psychological marketing experience into a course that doesn't just talk theory – it walks you through real, actionable steps.

You'll get your hands dirty with:

  • In-depth audience profiling

    Crafting a content persona that's authentically you

    Building a marketing funnel that feels less like a strategy and more like storytelling

    A full spectrum brand strategy toolkit:

    Offers that entice
    Features and benefits that resonate
    Values that define
    Vision and mission statements that inspire
    Aesthetics that captivate
    A voice that echoes in the hearts of your customers
    A brand aesthetic that instantly attracts

Plus so much more.

You'll delve into our treasure trove of frameworks such as Audience Schemas, The Ladder of Transformation, Self-Concepts, Brand Archetypes, and more.

By the time you're done, you'll be the proud owner of a
Marketing Strategy valued at up to $25k
complete with crystal-clear clarity on who your audiences are, how your brand stands out, and the exact words to say when the spotlight's on you.

Why The Method is different

Ever feel like you're on a marketing merry-go-round, hopping from one platform to the next, chasing algorithms and trends? Break the cycle with The Method.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill digital marketing course. It's in a league of its own. We don't just skim the surface with platform tactics; we go deeper, into the realm of human psychology and connection. With The Method, you'll:

  • Stop the endless platform-hopping
  • Learn strategies that withstand changes in technology and trends
  • Gain insights into audience profiling and brand strategy
  • Develop a content persona and marketing funnel that aligns with human behavior
You'll also master frameworks like Audience Schemas and Brand Archetypes, giving you the tools to understand why people think and act the way they do.

When it comes to results, you won't just take our word for it.

Here's what a current student has to say:

"I've invested A LOT into digital marketing courses before but they only talk about the platform tactics and that left me jumping around trying to work out posting times, hashtags, hooks etc... Without getting anywhere...

Birdcage Marketing School is the first time I've even heard about some of these strategy ideas and I was worried it would go over my head, but it's explained in such a way that I understood EVERYTHING and I don't even have to worry about platforms changing rules on me because my marketing is based on human psychology, not cheap and dirty 'hacks'."

Jordan R. | Bookkeeper, Coffs Harbour NSW

No Marketing Background? No Worries.

This isn't rocket science; it's The Method.

Whether you're new to marketing or looking to refine your skills, The Method is designed to be clear and understandable.

It's been tried and tested with hundreds of individuals just like you, through one-on-one sessions and our broader Birdcage Marketing School community. Our training is designed to be foolproof, with tools and templates that make success inevitable. And with our support system, we won't let you settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Go Deeper with The Full Library™

For those hungry for comprehensive knowledge, The Full Library™ offers an annual subscription for $2997 (with payment plans).

This is your all-in-one resource for continued learning, complete with bonuses that will elevate your marketing game.

With The Full Library™, you build a solid foundation with The Method, The Action, The Mindset and Launch Loud courses all included, and join a community dedicated to mastering marketing that truly connects.